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Why won't my controller start?
Last Updated 6 years ago

First let's define some LED codes you are looking for.

If the power LED is on solid and the status LED is flashing, the controller has started and is running. This is what we want to see happening by the end of this FAQ.

If both LEDs are alternating, you are in "Forced Bootloader Mode". Please refer to Performing a forced firmware update.

If no LEDs are on or none are flashing there are 2 things to check, power and network.

Firstly check that the network cable is plugged into the controller and a switch or router on the other end as well. This is the number 1 source of problems. Always try using another cable or switch where possible (or confirm that the cable and switch are good using other hardware like a PC or laptop).

The next thing to check is that the power source is good. You should be using between 5 and 30V to power the controller with on bank 1. If you have a multimeter you can perform the following voltage check if you are confident with using one. Please note that you must take care not to short or touch other pins than described. Advatek will not take responsibility if you damage a part trying to do this check and it needs to be repaired. If you are not confident, contact us.

To check voltage is good:

-Set your multimeter to DC Volts
-Make sure your black probe is connected to COM and red to V
-Find part U2 on the board, refer to the "Regs" attachment
-Place the black probe on the middle pin and red on the right pin, refer to the "Probes" attachment
-Read the voltage - it should be 4.7 - 5V

If it isn't in this voltage range, contact us and tell us what voltage it is as well as your input voltage.

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