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How do I configure Art-net subnets?
Last Updated 6 years ago

By default the PixLite uses the newer sACN (E1.31) ESTA standard for DMX over IP communication. However a lot of equipment still uses the Art-net communication protocol which the PixLite also supports.

One difference between them is the way a universe is represented.

In sACN a universe is simply a number between 1 and 63,999. In some Art-net devices and software (such as the PixLite, Madrix) - an Art-net universe is represented the same way as a simple number.

However the Art-net specification and some other Art-net devices break the real universe number down into three other small numbers, which can be confusing.

The numbers they break it down to are:

Net | Sub-Net | "Universe"

All 3 combined make up the actual universe number.

The Net can be between 0-63 (7 bits). The Sub-Net and "Universe" fields can be numbers between 0-15 (4 bits).

1. With all three values set to 0, this equates to this first real universe (1).

2. If you increase the "Universe" field it increases the real universe.

3. Once you reach 15 you then reset it to 0 and increase the Sub-Net field to get the next real universe.

4. Once Sub-Net reaches 15 you reset it to 0 and increase the Net field to get the next real universe.

If you are used to setting DIP switches for addressing, you could look at the Art-net number like this:

    Net        | Sub-Net | "Universe"
0000000        0000          0000

Whereas the real universe number (what sACN uses) is:


Some examples are as follows:

Net : Sub-Net : Universe    -    Real Universe (number PixLite uses)

0:0:0       - 1
0:0:1       - 2
0:0:15     - 16
0:1:0       - 17
0:1:1       - 18
0:1:15     - 32
0:2:0       - 33
0:15:15   - 256
1:0:0       - 257
1:0:1       - 258

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