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Getting lights working first time out of the box
Last Updated 6 years ago

Most users will attempt to use a 3rd party test program to check the controller is working before using the more complicated sequencing software. We recommend using either of the xlights ( or the da_e1.31 ( test programs.

The PixLite controller is designed to be very easy to get working out of the box. The controller ships with DHCP enabled, so it will talk over any existing network as soon as it is connected. In xlights, all you should need to do is add some multicast E1.31 universes. To do this, go to the "setup" tab and then click on the "Add E1.31" button. The controller then needs to be setup to control the right type of pixel under the "LEDs" tab in the Advatek Assistant utility. It should be that simple to get lights working on the controller first time out of the box.

From there, you can then set a static IP address and use unicast addressing in xlights or your sequencer software if that is your preference.


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