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Why does the PixLite not report all Art-net universes that it needs?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Art-net has a couple of limitations because of the way the protocol was written.

One of these is that an art-net poll reply can only report a maximum of 4 universes when asked what it needs. In fact, sometimes it can't even report the first 4 depending on which universes they are. If you know your controller needs more universes than is being reported to your media server, lighting desk or other lighting software, this is why.

Thankfully the problem has a limited superficial effect. It doesn't stop you sending the required data to the PixLite, it just prevents your lighting package from automatically setting up all of these universes for you.

Here's an example using the Madrix software package on how to resolve the issue:

You set your PixLite to use 50 pixels on each output starting at universe 1, channel 1. This requires 5 universes of Art-net data to be sent to it. When you open Madrix's device manager, the art-net tab shows an automatically detected PixLite 16 controller with 4 outputs using universes 1,2,3,4.

The controller is not seeing the 5th universe because of the above limitation.

To overcome this problem, click New and add 1 device with 1 port (also normally click direct mode). Then open the new controller and enter the PixLite's IP address. Set the output universe to number 5.

The process is the same if you require more universes (an additional 20 universes would require 5 devices with 4 ports).

Other lighting controllers, servers or software will require something similar. In all cases you are just manually telling your lighting control to send additional art-net universes that aren't automatically detected.

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