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Performing a forced firmware update
Last Updated 6 years ago

Sometimes it is necessary to force a firmware update onto your PixLite controller. Usually this is when firmware is corrupted.

To do this, follow these steps:

1. Turn the controller off
2. Hold down the "Bootloader" button
3. Power the controller back on
4. Wait until the LEDs both alternate then let go of button
5. Search for the controller in the Advatek Assistant
6. If you don't see the controller in the Advatek Assistant, refer to the bottom of this article
7. Double click the controller and you will be asked to select a firmware file
8. Select the new firmware file to send and press "update"
9. After being told the firmware is sent, wait 10 seconds before searching for it again

If you can't see the controller in the Advatek Assistant:

This usually happens when the IP address of the PC is not in the same range as the PixLite controller. The forced bootloader mode you are in will always use the default IP address ( for the controller. Make sure your computer's network address is set to where xxx is a number other than 50. You should now be able to see the controller in bootload mode in the Advatek Assistant.

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