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Why can't I see my PixLite controller in the Advatek Assistant?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Usually when the controller can't be seen in the Advatek Assistant it is due to network configuration problems.

Firstly check that your controller is plugged into a network switching device and is running. The power LED should be solid and the status LED should be flashing.

If the status LED is not flashing please refer to Why won't my controller start?

Now that the controller is running, we need to make sure the computer and PixLite controller are on the same subnet. The default IP address of the PixLite is To talk to the controller initially your computer must be set to something in this range. Go into your network settings and set your network adapter to where xxx is a number other than 50.

Try and search for the PixLite controller in the Advatek Assistant now. If it is still not visible, turn the controller off, hold down the "Factory IP" button and turn the controller back on. Once running, release the Factory IP button. Your PixLite will now be using (for this session only) it's default IP address. See if you can see the controller now in the Advatek Assistant.

If you have multiple network adapters installed, try disabling all adapters apart from the one that the PixLite controller is on. This guarantees that the broadcast packets from the utility will find the controller on the network.

One other final thing to check is your firewall. Ensure that it is not blocking network broadcasts from the utility, or even disable it altogether while troubleshooting to ensure it is not causing an issue.

Once you can see the controller remember to setup the IP address how you want it permanently. If you used the Factory IP button to start the controller, that IP address will only last until the controller is configured or restarted, so make sure you set it to what you need immediately.

If you still can't see the controller, refer to Performing a forced firmware update.

If you still fail to see the controller, please contact us and make sure you let us know that you followed all steps in this FAQ.

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