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PixLite Long Range Isolated Receiver

A fully assembled isolated receiver board for the PixLite Long Range Controller.

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This is the isolated receiver board that is ONLY used in conjunction with the PixLite Long Range Controllers.

The PixLite Long Range control boards send the data up to 300m+ distance and it is then converted back to a pixel-ready signal at the other end by this small isolated receiver board. The long distance signal is sent using a differential pair which elimates the typical problems seen in pixel systems (crosstalk, signal degradation, reflections, etc) which otherwise prohibit pixels being installed far from the controller. The PixLite Long Range system also eliminates the need for any null pixels.

The controller uses standard Cat5/6 cables to transmit the signals. Any standard ethernet cable can be used for the connection between the PixLite Long Range Controller and these Receivers.

The receiver can operate in 2 modes which is set by the transmitting controller.

Mode 1: Normal - The receiver drives 2 pixel outputs of any supported pixel type.

Mode 2: Condensed/Expanded - The receiver drives 4 pixel outputs of any DATA ONLY pixel type. I.E. If the pixels only have a data line and no clock (like the WS2811 protocol), the receiver can drive 4 sets of pixels at the same time.

The maximum number of pixels per output is set by the controller.

Features 2KV galvanic isolation. This eliminates any differential grounding problems and also provides a physical galvanic isolation barrier between the RS485 receiver/power input and the pixel outputs. The isolated version also provides 5V clock and data signals, compared to approx 4V on the standard version. *Highly recommended for commercial and professional installations*

Additionally the receiver board comes with 2 onboards fuses for the outputs and pluggable output connectors. Each output is rated to 7.5A maximum and comes with 7.5A fuses installed. These fuses can be reduced to suit your application.


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