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PixLite 16 Long Range

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A fully assembled long range RGB pixel mapping controller that can control 5,440 RGB pixels or 4,096 RGBW pixels and 4 DMX512 universe outputs. (36 Universes of input data.) 

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The PixLite16 controller converts Art-Net or sACN (E1.31) data via an ethernet connection to pixel data for driving LED pixel lighting.

The PixLite Long Range sends the data up to 300m+ distance and is converted back to a pixel ready signal at the other end by these small receiver boards. The long distance signal is sent using a differential pair which elimates the typical problems seen in pixel systems (crosstalk, signal degradation, reflections, etc) which otherwise prohibit pixels being installed far from the controller. The PixLite Long Range also eliminates the need for null pixels.

The controller uses standard Cat5 cables to transmit the signals. Any standard network cable can be used for the connection between PixLite Long Range Controller and these Receivers.

The controller can operate in 2 modes:

Mode 1: Normal - Each receiver drives 2 pixel outputs of any supported pixel type. The controller uses all 8 output jacks.

Mode 2: Condensed - Each receiver drives 4 pixel outputs of any DATA ONLY pixel type. I.E. If the pixels only have a data line and no clock (like the WS2811 protocol), the receivers can drive 4 sets of pixels at the same time. The controller uses only the first 4 output jacks to send all 16 output channels.

It supports the following input protocols:

-sACN (E1.31)

It can handle up to 32 universes of Multicast/Unicast E1.31/Art-Net data and controls up to 340 pixels on each of the 16 outputs.

It is also capable of simulataneously outputting 4 DMX512 universes (acting as a E1.31 to 4 x DMX512 bridge, no Art-Net to DMX) in addition to the 32 universes of pixel output.

Outputs to the following IC types:

TLS3001, SM16716, LPD6803, WS2801, WS2811/12/12B/APA104, TM180x, MBI6020, INK1003, APA102, SK6812, UCS1903, MY9221, MY9231. Note: one pixel type at a time per controller.

The controller also interfaces with our GUI utility for easy configuration and uploading of new firmware.

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