PixLite Firmware

Filename PixLite-Firmware-V1.4.14.zip
filesize 69.02 kB
Version 1.4.14 Previous versions
Date added August 4, 2017
Category Firmware

STOP!!! Ensure you ALWAYS download the latest version of Advatek Assistant to configure your new firmware with.

Note: The firmware hex file must FIRST be extracted from the main zip file before you can load it into the Assistant to perform an update.

Firmware upgrade file for the PixLite Controllers (PixLite 4, PixLite 16, PixLite 16 Long Range, PixLite 16 Plug & Play).

Note: This firmware file cannot be used with any PixLite MkII controllers.

Refer to User Manual for instructions before attempting to update.


PixLite Firmware Change-log

-Test mode not activated when Factory IP held from bootup

-WS2811 Slow timing update
-Plug & Play V1.0 Support
-Slow Fan Output PWM and enable 20% upwards dimming (instead of 30%)

-Additional immunity for noisy power supplies
-WS2801 + 4 DMX outputs enabled fix
-MBI6020 null pixels fix
-MY9221 fix
-Art-net channels 511-512 for RGBW enabled

-Added P9813 chip support
-Added SK6812 RGB chip support
-Reversing high pixel number bug fix

-Added support for 512 channels in RGBW mode
-SK6812 RGBW support added
-UCS1903 support added
-Remote test mode added
-Color fade test mode added
-MY9231/MY9221 order bug fix
-Simultaneous null pixel + zig-zag + grouping bug fix

-Medium universe lag bug fix (from V1.4.8 firmware)
-IGMP bug fix
-Automatic IGMP notifications – new feature
–Alllows IGMP snooping without query router
-Art-Net report all used universes – new feature (for use with MadMapper software)

-Network cable no longer needs to be connected to start-up on older revision controllers
–Test mode can now be run without a network cable to start controller
-MY9221/MY9231 bug fix
-sACN start code bug fix

-Support for Long Range controllers
-Added MY9221 chip support
-Minimum Advatek Assistant version feedback system

-Significant multicast performance improvements. Controller drops invalid packets before CPU.
-WS2812 chip timing tweaked
-sACN property value count bug fix

-Fan control
-Art-net poll reply bugfix

-Added support for APA102 chip
-Added pixel grouping feature
-Added intensity limiting feature
-Refresh rate increases in some clocked output protocols
-Art-net packet sequence bug fix