PixLite T8-S Mk3

Proudly presenting the latest iteration of our bestselling long-range pixel LED controller – the PixLite® T8-S Mk3 – available to order now!

The PixLite® T8-S Mk3 is a powerful long-range pixel LED controller that replaces Advatek's bestselling T8-S Mk2 controller. This new generation controller was developed to meet overwhelming demand from our customers for an even more powerful long-range solution in a reliable, user-friendly system.

The PixLite® T8-S Mk3 transmits up to 96 universes of data to 8 PixLite® R2/R4 receivers at distances of up to 300m – perfect for any professional installation where the LEDs will be separated by some distance.

Key Features

  • Send data up to 300m to receivers

  • 96 universes of Art-net or sACN

  • Over 50+ pixel protocols supported

  • MicroSD card slot for Advatek SHOWTime™

  • Dual gigabit Ethernet ports

  • Auxiliary port for DMX512 In/Out

  • Configure using Advatek Assistant 3 software or any modern web browser

  • Electrical fault protection on all ports

  • Peace of mind with 5-year warranty and global certifications

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SHOWTime™ is a powerful free firmware update that unleashes the potential of Advatek PixLite® Mk3 devices to independently drive light shows without a computer or any source of live data.

SHOWTime™ allows users to record and play back pixel shows from the PixLite T8-S Mk3 using the inbuilt microSD slot. Design your own breathtaking pixel shows, record them directly onto the microSD card and play them back as many times as you wish.

SHOWTime™ also unlocks the ability to create up to 25 powerful triggers and use advanced intensity controls to enable true standalone behavior and enhance live environments.

What's different about PixLite® Mk3 processors?

All PixLite® Mk3 products are equipped with our brand new Mk3 Processor. This state-of-the-art processor uses sophisticated 3rd generation firmware to create the world’s most amazing lighting displays including:

  • Gamma correction for pixels of all resolutions - Dimming curves can be adjusted to better match the human eye, and it’s no longer limited to pixels above 8 bits. So regardless of which pixels are used, they will appear more vivid and accurate with the PixLite® Mk3.

  • Extremely fast refresh rates - The Mk3 processor can now deal with refresh rates in the order of hundreds of frames per second, allowing fast and dynamic effects that can be displayed with higher reliability. and many more advanced processing features.

  • Dithering - When working with extremely fast refresh rates you can artificially generate higher resolution pixel control with the new Mk3 processor – making gamma correction more effective on 8-bit pixels, so even low-resolution pixels can appear to be higher in resolution when dithering with a PixLite® Mk3.

  • Auto-synchronisation to data source - With Auto-Sync the outgoing frame rate will dynamically adjust to the incoming frame, even without an external synchronisation source. This reduces the chance of out-of-sync pixel systems and tearing when an external source is not available.

For a full list of Mk3 Processor capabilities – see the PixLite® Mk3 Processor Datasheet here.

Certifications & Warranty

Advatek's Mk3 family of pixel controllers are tested and certified for professional and commercial applications. Wherever your project is, you can confidently deploy an Advatek pixel solution with class-leading value, performance and features.

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your system is tested to the highest standards of quality and design, is protected electrically, won't interfere with other building management and control systems or affect other sensitive RF, network and communications infrastructure.

Advatek equipment is proudly made in Australia for ultimate manufacturing quality control and is also covered by a new industry leading 5-Year product warranty for your absolute peace of mind.

Global certification standards are as follows:

  • North America & Canada - ETL (UL)

  • North America & Canada - FCC

  • Canada - ICES3

  • Europe - CE, RoHS

  • Australia & New Zealand - RCM

  • United Kingdom - UKCA

  1. Physical
    • Ethernet Ports: 2 x 10/100/1000 Mbit/s
    • microSD Card Slot: 1
    • Auxiliary Port: 1 x RS485 Input/Output
    • Data Outputs: 8 x RJ45
    • Dimensions: 169 x 221 x 42mm
    • Weight: 1.1kg
    • Enclosure: Aluminium
    • Mounting Options: Direct Panel, Wall & Rack Mountable
  2. Testing Standards
    • Audio/Video & ICTE - Safety Requirements: UL 62368-1
    • Radiated & Conducted Emissions: EN 55032 & FCC Part 15
    • Multimedia Immunity: EN 55035
    • Harmonic Current Emissions: EN 61000-3-2
    • Voltage Fluctuations and Flicker Emissions: EN 61000-3-3
    • Restriction of Hazardous Substances: RoHS 2 + DD (EU) 2015/863
  3. Power
    • Input Power: 100V-240V AC
    • AC Fuse: 1A M205
  4. Fault Protection
    • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD): All ports protected
    • Auxiliary Port: +/- 48V DC fault protection
    • Pixel Data Outputs: +/- 36V DC fault protection
  5. Thermal
    • Ambient Operating Temperature: -10°C to +60°C
  6. Other
  1. New Universe Data Hardware Firewall for daisy-chained controllers now included on industry leading PixLite® Mk3 processor.

  2. Advatek’s new PixLite® Mk3 devices with dual gigabit Ethernet ports allow loop-through and redundant network topologies creating reliable daisy chaining.

  3. PixLite® Mk3 processors now include gamma correction for pixels to improve resolution, plus a host of new features.

  4. External Sync with sACN and Art-Net or PixLite® Mk3 Auto Sync failback allows Advatek PixLite® devices to output frames together concurrently.

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