Our most popular long-range pixel controller has been re-imagined.

Store the brand new PixLite® T8-S Mk3 in the data room racks and send your data up to 300m to your PixLite® R2F-S/R4D-S receivers.

Each individual receiver unit can service up to 12 Universes allowing you to address up to 16,320 individual RGB pixels from each PixLite T8-S Mk3 controller.

The Advatek PixLite® long range pixel controllers exceed modern industry expectations with electrical fault protection on all inputs and outputs across all devices in the range.

PixLite® controllers continue Advatek's brand tradition of unrivalled industry value coupled with the high standards anyone should expect from an Australian designed and built product.

The new PixLite® T8-S Mk3, like all Advatek Lighting products, is designed and manufactured in Australia and comes with a 5-year warranty, and various certifications and marks including FCC, CE, UKCA, RCM, and a UL equivalent ETL Listing, guaranteed to give you peace of mind, wherever your installation is located globally.
Pixel control is stepping out of the shadows and being installed across industries beyond art and entertainment. Our customers are utilising Advatek's powerful controllers to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in long-range installations.

With high product quality at prices to suit every budget, now anyone can take advantage of a professional long range pixel control system.

Enquire now to find out how you can achieve the ultimate long-range lighting installation, even on a small budget.

See the benefits of Mk3 over Mk2 below:

Feature PixLite T8-S Mk2 PixLite T8-S Mk3
Gamma Correction Only for pixels > 8 bits  
Extreme Refresh Rates  
Syncronization Art-Sync only Art-Sync, sACN Sync & Auto Sync
Frame Rate Monitoring  
Aux Port  
Ethernet Speed 10/100 Mbps Gigabit
Ethernet Ports 1 2
Ethernet Loop-Through  
Universe Data Hardware Firewall  
Import / Export Configuration  
HTTP / WebSocket API  
Advanced Diagnostic Statistics  
Web Browser Management  
Advatek Assistant 3  
microSD card slot for Advatek SHOWTime™  

PixLite® T8-S Mk3

The PixLite® T8-S Mk3 can send data up to 300m to receivers. It supports over 50+ pixel protocols and transmits up to 96 universes of data.

This third-generation controller also features a microSD card slot for record and playback with Advatek SHOWTime™ and can be configured using any web browser or the Advatek Assistant 3 Software.

The PixLite® T8-S Mk3 has 3 convenient mounting kit options:

PixLite® R2F-S

The PixLite® R2F-S is your best choice when flexibility is required allowing you to use either clocked or data-only pixels.

The 2 outputs can address up to 1020 RGB/768 RGBW pixels per output. When 8 PixLite® R2F-S are connected to your T8-S you have 16 pixel outputs to utilise.

If you plan on using pixel controllers in a variety of situations across its long lifetime, then the R2F-S is your choice of receiver.

Both the PixLite® R2F-S and the PixLite® R4D-S are compatible with both the PixLite® T8-S Mk2 and PixLite® T8-S Mk3.

PixLite® R4D-S

The PixLite® R4D-S can deliver the same data capacity as the PixLite® R2F-S however is designed for data-only pixels.

The PixLite® R4D-S allows you to control up to 510 RGB/384 RGBW data-only pixels per output giving you 32 outputs to utilise in your design when using 8 receivers.

Flip the lid to access your fuses. Indicator lights take the guess work out of replacing a fuse. We even designed a spare fuse holder so you can access a spare fuse when you really need it.

If your installation demands discrete fittings we have included a switch so you can turn off the fuse indicator lights helping the PixLite® R2F-S/R4D-S blend into its surroundings.

Screw the controller straight onto a wall or mounting plate with the built in mounting holes. Alternatively, you can add a DIN-rail mounting kit to your order.

And, of course, electrical fault protection on all inputs and pixel outputs is included.