ETL Listing by Intertek: Certified to UL Safety Standard

All three products in the new long range system are now UL Compliant - PixLite T8-S Mk2 transmitter, and both the PixLite R2F-S & PixLite R4D-S receivers.

The newly ETL listed PixLite controllers now go beyond their own industrial grade fault protection; they are certified and thoroughly tested to a UL Standard for safety and quality assurance.

With an ETL listed PixLite controller, Advatek’s brand tradition of quality is more evident than ever before, giving you and your team the peace of mind that you’re using safe products designed and tested to a UL Standard.

These new UL Compliant Advatek controllers also come with a 3 year warranty and other marks and compliance (CE, FCC, RCM).
Pixel lighting is continually growing and Advatek controllers are being installed across all facets of the lighting industry. Many sophisticated lighting systems in warehouses and theme parks use Advatek PixLite controllers as the heart of their systems. These are areas where safety and quality is crucial to their operation, making Advatek the perfect choice.

High product quality and safety is now assured by a UL standard, meaning that now anyone can take advantage of a professional ETL listed pixel controller.

Start designing your project with quality and safety assured and specify a new PixLite system today.

Many more ETL Listed, UL Compliant pixel controllers to come.

PixLite T8-S Mk2

The PixLite T8-S Mk2 transmits up to 96 universes of data to 8 PixLite R2/R4 devices at distances up to 300m/1,000ft. Perfect for any professional installation, particularly when the LEDs will be spread out by some distance.

Comparable pixel control systems can cost as much as $300+USD per universe and even higher on a per output calculation.

At retail price, you will still pay below $18/universe, giving you unrivalled data distribution at a low price.

The PixLite T8-S Mk2 has 3 convenient mounting kit options:

  • Wall Mount Bracket Kit
  • Single 1U Rack Mount Bracket Kit.
  • Dual 1U Rack Mount Bracket Kit.

PixLite R2F-S

The PixLite R2F-S is your best choice when flexibility is required allowing you to use either clocked or data-only pixels.

The 2 outputs can address up to 1020 RGB/768 RGBW pixels per output. When 8 PixLite R2F-S are connected to your T8-S you have 16 pixel outputs to utilise.

If you plan on using pixel controllers in a variety of situations across its long lifetime, then the R2F-S is your choice of receiver.

Both the PixLite R2F-S and the PixLite R4D-S will be compatible with any future generation systems. For example, they will be compatible with a PixLite T8-S Mk3 controller which is in development right now.

PixLite R4D-S

The PixLite R4D-S can deliver the same data capacity as the PixLite R2F-S however is designed for data-only pixels.

The PixLite R4D-S allows you to control up to 510 RGB/384 RGBW data-only pixels per output giving you 32 outputs to utilise in your design when using 8 receivers.

Flip the lid to access your fuses. Indicator lights take the guess work out of replacing a fuse. We even designed a spare fuse holder so you can access a spare fuse when you really need it.

If your installation demands discrete fittings we have included a switch so you can turn off the fuse indicator lights helping the PixLite R2F-S/R4D-S blend into its surroundings.

Screw the controller straight onto a wall or mounting plate with the built in mounting holes. Alternatively, you can add a DIN-rail mounting kit to your order.

And of course, industrial grade fault protection on all inputs and pixel outputs is included.