PixLite 16 Long Range Mk2

A high capacity pixel control device running our 2nd generation processor. Drive up to 16,320 pixels using 96 universes over ethernet.



  • Control your pixels from over 300+m away using up to 8 small receiver boards
  • Supports up to 96 Universes of Art-Net or Streaming ACN (E1.31) to drive pixel LEDs
  • Supports a wide range of pixel protocols and advanced configuration options



Extreme flexibility

Expanded mode option for data only pixels offers twice as many digital outputs for faster refresh rates and greater flexibility.

Clocked pixel types have adjustable speeds, allowing you to optimize refresh rate with cable length limitations.

Advanced mapping options are available on every output:

Null pixels | Zig-zag | Reversing | Color order | Pixel grouping | Brightness Limiting

Super simple setup

Using our lightweight software for Windows or macOS, you can configure PixLite settings with a graphical interface. Advatek Assistant 2 software allows you to easily discover and manage your PixLite devices without having to become a networking guru.

Real-time user feedback

Remotely monitor the status of your PixLite device in real time. Information such as temperature, bank voltage and online devices are just a click away.

Wide range of supported chipsets

Advatek is an industry leader with supported pixel protocols. This controller support all the common pixel protocols such as WS2801, WS2811/12/12B/13, APA102/104, TM180x, SK6812/6822, MY9221/9231 plus many more. Click for a full list of supported protocols.

Flexible network control

E1.31 supports unicast and multicast traffic. IGMP capability makes network setup for large sACN installations a breeze.

Supports Art-Net versions 1 to 4 for great compatibility. Art-Net 4 support allows your lighting software to automatically discover all universes for simplified setup.

Precision timing

Supports Art-Sync packets, allowing synchronization between many PixLite devices across your display.

Native DMX512 output support

Supports 4 additional DMX512 differential outputs when using the E1.31 protocol. Control your existing DMX512 fixtures as well as your pixels using one convenient solution.

  1. Power
    • Input Voltage: 5V-24V DC
    • Operating Current: 1.5A @ 5V DC
    • Logic Fuse: 2A blade
  2. Data
    • Standard Outputs: 16
    • Expanded Outputs: 32
    • RGB Pixels/Output: 1020
    • RGBW Pixels/Output: 768
    • sACN Universes: 100
    • Art-net Universes:100
  3. Physical
    • RJ45 Data Outputs: 8
    • Length: 220mm
    • Width: 120mm
    • Height: 30mm
    • Weight: 0.3Kg
    • Recommended Ambient Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
    • Max Component Temperature: -40°C to +80°C
  4. Other
    • DMX512 Outputs: 4
    • Fan Output: 15W
  1. Struggling to decide if your project needs a standard controller or a long range? Learn the difference between the two types of controllers and get hints on which one to use.

  2. Power injection is one of the most commonly asked questions. Learn about what is, when to use it and how to do it properly.

  3. Expanded mode allows greater flexibility with your pixel lighting and the ability to improve refresh rates when using data-only pixel types.

  4. For more helpful information, click here to visit our Knowledge Base.

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