PixLite Mk3 Firmware Update V2.1.0 is available now

Major New Features

New Trigger Source: UDP

Create triggers to respond to incoming UDP messages. Play back scenes and control an installation with applications that can generate UDP messages.

Integrate SHOWTime™ functionality with even more systems or control it from a mobile device with third-party applications such as TouchOSC, Kiosc by Visual Productions, and more.

New Pixel Protocol Support

19 new protocols have been added to this firmware release as we continue to maintain industry-leading pixel protocol support for a variety of different pixel LEDs.

Noteworthy new pixel protocols include: UCS5603, HD108, NS108E, MBI6023

View all supported pixel protocols here.

Current Control

Global Current Control alters the brightness of all colors in a pixel. This is useful for driving pixels at lower intensities, whilst not sacrificing on resolution.

This firmware version supports:

Individual Color Current Control can be used for the same purpose as above, but there is an individual control for each color, allowing color mixing to be tuned. This can improve the color gamut available on your LEDs including the white balance.

This firmware version supports:

New Trigger Event: Data Availability

Create a flow of events to occur when a source of live data is detected or lost. For example, play a background effect on loop while a lighting console is switched off, and automatically return to live data when the console is switched back on.

  • Set a trigger to fire when live data is lost – create a backup course of action in case of a fault, or if the live data has been intentionally deactivated.

  • Set a trigger to fire when live data becomes available again – create a flow of events to take place when the fault is cleared, or if live data has been intentionally switched back on.

Redesigned and Improved Management Interface

User-friendly features have been added including dark mode, collapsible sidebar and convenient notification messages.

Other Features

New Start & Stop Condition Counter for Recording

Initiate or terminate a recording when the condition has been met a certain number of times. This provides more control to capture a frame-perfect recording.

New Nicknames

Set nicknames for pixel outputs to easily identify each output. Set nicknames for trigger sources for quick identification of each source.

CPU Usage Monitoring

Easily monitor CPU usage with the new firmware update, allowing you to identify when the device is under heavy stress.

Download now

The new PixLite® firmware update is compatible with all PixLite® Mk3 devices. Download the firmware update here.

Refer to the PixLite® Mk3 management guide for new functionality from this firmware update.

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