Advatek pixel control brings colours to life at Aura Alive


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Patrick O'Neill




Tricktronix, a company specialising in design of interactive art installations, was commissioned to create an original light sculpture for an event called Aura Alive.

The event would launch a new display home village, Stockland Aura, in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. The theme of Aura Alive was 'City of Colour', and the event would launch in November 2022.

Stockland Aura is a housing project worth over $1 billion, delivering 20,000 dwellings to around 50,000 people over the coming decades.

Stockland, Australia's largest diversified property group, had chosen the name ‘Aura’ to reflect the bright, vibrant, ‘city of colour’ at Caloundra South on the Sunshine Coast.

(Image supplied by: TRICKTRONIX)

Who is


Tricktronix specialises in interactive art and immersive experiences.

The Challenge

Patrick O'Neill from Tricktronix wanted to create a design that resembled a geometric crystal to accompany the other large, colourful sculptures at the venue. It was challenging to find the right LED product that would curve and bend to the geometric crystal shape, without compromising on colour or vibrance of the sculpture.

Patrick learned about PixLite® devices from the Touchdesigner help group on Facebook, where other users said, "You can't beat a PixLite®." When Patrick learned that Advatek was also located in Australia, he began chatting with their sales and support team to discuss his requirements for this project.

After learning about dithering and gamma correction from the Advatek support team, Patrick could immediately see the difference it could make with his project.

Advatek Lighting’s Role

Patrick initially considered the PixLite® A4-S Mk3 device for his project, but quickly realised that the LEDs required for the sculpture could pull more power than the limit for the A4-S Mk3 controller. For this reason, he decided to go with two E4-S Mk3 devices to control the two different types of LED chips required for the project.

The PixLite® E4-S Mk3 pixel controllers rely on an external power source, providing the flexibility to control more LEDs for future projects.


The mesmerising lighting sculpture was displayed at Aura Alive in Queensland, Australia. Patrick plans to create version 2.0 of the sculpture with interactivity and hopes that it could be installed permanently or go on tour in the future.


Sunshine Coast, Queensland - Australia

Went Live – 2022

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