Long Range Isolated Receiver

An isolated pixel driver board for connection to our PixLite 16 Long Range controllers.

  • 2 fully isolated pixel outputs (4 data-only outputs in expanded mode)
  • Immune to noise and signal degradation; ideal for distributed pixel installations
  • Connect pixels up to 300+m away from Long Range MkII controller


Expanded mode option for data only pixels offers twice as many digital outputs for faster refresh rates and greater flexibility.

Connect pixels over long distances with ease

Conveniently connects to the PixLite 16 Mk2 Long Range controller using a single cat5 cable for fast, flexible distribution of pixels.

Full Galvanic Isolation

Isolation means any catastrophic damage is limited to the receiver only. It also removes any need to maintain a common DC Ground link with the Long Range control unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which protocols is this receiver compatible with?

The long-range isolated receiver that you see here is compatible with Art-Net and sACN pixel controller software. Ideal for those looking to pair the long-range isolated receiver with the PixLite 16 Long Range Mk2 Controller and maximise the reach of this pixel control solution. For more information as to the protocols each of our pixel control solutions support, you can look to our knowledge base for our listing of supported pixel protocols.

Why choose a long-range receiver?

Long range receivers address a different need to their shorter-range counterparts. At a glance, the first consideration is that electrical signals degrade as they travel, so it’s important that you equip yourself with gear capable of handling the distances you’re working at.

A long-range isolated receiver is designed to work with pixel controllers that use a more robust transmission method, differential transmission. They can discern and make use of pixel information in ‘noisy’ environments and assist in the creation of brilliant displays.

You can find out more with a look at our knowledge base. There, we have a brief breakdown of the differences between standard and long range receivers.

  1. Power
    • Input Voltage: 5V-24V DC
    • Operating Current: 0.1A @5V
    • Total Limit: 15A
    • Current Per Output: 7.5A
  2. Data
    • Standard Outputs: 2
    • Expanded Outputs: 4
  3. Physical
    • RJ45 Jack Inputs: 1
    • Fused Outputs: 2
    • Length: 62.1mm
    • Width: 60mm
    • Height: 30mm
    • Weight: 55g
    • Recommended Ambient Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
    • Max Component Temperature: -40°C to +80°C
  4. Other
    • Isolation: Full galvanic
    • Warranty: 1 Year
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