Lighting Services

Advatek offers highly specialized services using the very latest in RGB LED lighting technology.

Advatek can design and commission commercial lighting projects of any scale.

Manufacturing our own controllers and luminaires enables us to offer you a highly tailored, integrated solution. This also means fast turn around and quick resolution of any possible problems that may occur.


Advatek can plan and design your project, offer advice on equipment and product selection or provide general assistance with any part of the overall process.

We can also work with an existing team to help achieve your desired result. We have had years of experience in producing animated digital lighting shows.

Advatek was pleased to supply all of the controllers for London based architect Asif Khan’s ‘Radiant Lines’ installation, commissioned for the 2014 ‘Light In Winter’ festival at Melbourne’s Federation Square.

16 PixLite controllers were used to control the thousands of white pixel LEDs using a custom software program that creates abstract light patterns and fluid movements based on human presence within a 200m radius, using a high-tech 360 degree scanning laser. The pixel LEDs were attached to the 5m high custom-extruded aluminium structure using flexible adhesive strips, with the giant rings of light forming a breathtaking interactive masterpiece.

asif_khan_3 13449-1

Lighting Services Offered

  • Concept Design and Consultation
  • Product Selection and Sourcing
  • Sequencing
  • Ongoing Project Management 


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