SHOWTime™ is a powerful free firmware update that unlocks the ability for all Mk3 pixel controllers to function as standalone devices that can play back scenes and playlists without the need for any source of live data.

Advatek’s powerful PixLite® Mk3 processor was designed with the processing capability to build on an ever-expanding set of features. With the launch of the revolutionary SHOWTime™ firmware update, all Mk3 devices can now operate as standalone smart controllers. SHOWTime™ was also designed to be future-proof, enabling easy integration with third-party systems for even greater compatibility.


SHOWTime™ unlocks the ability for all Mk3 devices to capture frame-perfect recordings using start and stop conditions.

Pixel and Aux Port data is recorded independently, with automatic frame rates. SHOWTime™ also allows you to monitor frame rates during record and playback.


With the SHOWTime™ firmware update, Mk3 devices can now play back scenes, add recorded and built-in scenes to playlists, add recorded and built-in scenes, use triggers to play back and manage the SD card that has been inserted.

Playback features include:

  • Playback to Pixels, Aux Port, or both
  • Play scenes a number of times or for a fixed duration
  • Recorded and Built-in scenes
  • Design and play back playlists
  • Playback with triggers


Triggers are configurable mechanisms that will cause an action to occur when an event is detected. Triggers can do things like play a playlist on device startup or start recording when an Art-Net channel equals a certain value. There are so many possible combinations!

SHOWTime™ unlocks the ability to create up to 25 powerful triggers per Mk3 device. Three trigger sources are available, enabling users to configure up to 3 sACN / Art-Net / DMX512 universes to monitor for trigger events.

With triggers enabled in SHOWTime™, Mk3 devices can now automatically play a scene or playlist, change to live mode, start recording, control playback, program the intensity, and more.

Intensity Control

One of the most powerful features of Advatek PixLite® Mk3 controllers is the ability to drive the live intensity of the outputs. With the launch of SHOWTime™, users can configure an external channel to independently drive live intensity of pixel outputs and the Aux port.

Users will also be able to create triggers to program the intensity to a specific value. When live intensity is in use, triggers can either override or prioritize live intensity, allowing for flexible and powerful intensity control.

Management Guide

PixLite® Mk3 devices are managed and configured via the Management Interface. The PixLite® Mk3 Management Guide guides users through every aspect of the Management Interface for PixLite Mk3 devices. The Management Guide includes instructions on how to use SHOWTime™ to set up triggers, playlists and much more.

Compatible products

SHOWTime™ is compatible with the following products

Features coming soon to SHOWTime™

  • New trigger sources
  • New trigger events
  • And more…