We are the leading designer and manufacturer of some of the most advanced LED pixel controllers in the world. First launched in Melbourne in 2012, we are known and trusted by experts in the industry for creating pixel control products that are innovative, affordable and reliable.


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    Home of the famous PixLite® controller, our products can be used for a vast number of projects. If you look closely enough, you will find Advatek equipment driving the magic behind some of the world’s most well-known and spectacular installations, galleries, musems, shows and events.

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    Our vision has always been to design and produce high-quality revolutionary digital LED lighting solutions globally, whilst delivering world-class customer service and support to our customers. We continue to push the boundaries within the LED lighting industry by designing revolutionary product features and offering industry leading product warranties.

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    Our products are manufactured locally in Australia to ensure quality control is maintained. Stringent testing standards ensure that our commercial grade controllers won’t interfere with building management and control systems, or affect other sensitive RF, network and communications infrastructure.

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    As a manufacturer of industry-leading pixel control systems, we are in a unique position to provide specialist advice relating to any aspect of your pixel lighting based project, regardless of the scale of complexity. We have the proven experience when It comes to assisting our customers in delivering the best possible outcomes for their projects.