PixLite Individual Control





The PixLiteTM range of pixel controllers are able to control individual LEDs (or pixels) allowing users to create visually stunning pixel-mapped patterns, images and text.

The current controllers in the PixLite range are the PixLite 16 and PixLite 4. Both controllers utilise a powerful 32-bit ARM processor and support numerous pixel protocols.

PixLite controllers can be used with any software that supports the industry standard Art-net or sACN E1.31 protocols (Vixen, Light Show Pro, HLS, Light-O-Rama, Light Jams, Light Factory, ArKaos, Madrix and others.)

Note: These controllers are different to our Vortex range of controllers in that they allow RGB control of individual LEDs (or pixels).

PixLite Feature Set


  • Ethernet input compatible with industry standard sACN (E1.31) and Art-net DMX-over-ethernet protocols
  • Onboard E1.31 to DMX512 output capability
  • Supports both Multicast and Unicast addressing
  • Supports IGMP allowing highly efficient data packet routing in large networks with hundreds of universes
  • High refresh rates
  • Individually fused outputs and logic circuitry
  • Wide range voltage input
  • High current capacity outputs
  • Configuration free power connection
  • High power TVS (600W transient peak) providing external ESD protection on DMX interface
  • Remote temperature monitoring
  • Firmware upgradable remotely over the ethernet network via easy to use GUI utility
  • Easy network setup and fast configuration via powerful utility that shows and configures all controllers
  • Advanced configuration options including start universe, start pixel, null pixels, zigzag, reversing, RGB order, pixel grouping, brightness control and more
  • Utility auto-calculates end channels making universe and channel setup a breeze
  • Built-in hardware test pattern mode
  • Individual outputs for strings or strips with each connector supplying power and data over a single cable
  • Easy to use pluggable screw terminal connectors on all channel outputs and data interfaces
  • Currently supports Advatek pixel strings (12-bit) in addition to numerous other pixel protocols (TLS3001, SM16716, LPD6803, WS2801, WS2811/12/12B/APA104, TM180x, MBI6020, INK1003, APA102. Note: one pixel type at a time per controller.)

PixLite 16 Pixel Controller

  • Features 4 standard DMX512 universe outputs (providing an E1.31 to 4 x DMX bridge) via dedicated RJ45 connectors, in addition to the 32 universes of pixel output.
  • Two split power banks allowing simultaneous support of two different pixel voltages (rated at 32A each for total current capacity of 64A)
  • 16 individual outputs with each output protected by 4A mini blade fuse
  • Jumper links allowing selection between “LOR” and “ESTA” wiring on DMX outputs
  • Receives up to 32 universes of Art-net data and up to 36 universes of E1.31 data
  • 4 layer PCB with high 60z copper density to handle large currents and minimize voltage drop
  • Total output capacity of 5,440 individually addressable pixels (max 340 per output) making PixLite 16 the first pixel controller on the market to support 32 Universes of E1.31/Art-net data
  • Available as a “Plug and Play” control system in a durable, weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure – ideal for commercial installations

PixLite 4 Pixel Controller

  • Features 1 standard DMX512 universe output (acting as a single E1.31 to DMX bridge) via a dedicated screw terminal connector, in addition to the 16 universes of pixel output
  • Single power input rated at 28A
  • 4 individual outputs with each output protected by 5A mini blade fuse (can be changed up to 7A)
  • Receives up to 16 universes of Artnet data and up to 17 universes of E1.31 data
  • 4 layer PCB
  • Total output capacity of 2,720  individually addressable pixels (max 680 per output)


We offer some high quality pixel lights to complement your PixLite controller. Find out more about them on our lights page.


  • Holiday light displays
  • Stage/Theater lighting
  • Malls/Retail/Commercial lighting displays
  • Theme/Entertainment Parks
  • DJ’s/Clubs
  • Advertising



All PixLite controllers come with our standard 12 month warranty.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like any further information on any of our controllers or on availability.


PixLite 16 Datasheet

PixLite 16 User Manual

PixLite 4 Datasheet

PixLite 4 User Manual